id2 Report: February 2018

“So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God, built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Christ Jesus himself being the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together, grows into a holy temple in the Lord. In him you also are being built together into a dwelling place for God by the Spirit.”

Ephesians 2:20-22


The metaphor of Christ as a cornerstone has special meaning at id2 as we begin the year of 2018. This will be a year for laying foundations for the work that the Lord has called us to in the Himalayas.

‘Christ as the cornerstone’ had a tangible meaning for construction during Biblical times. The cornerstone was always the first stone laid for a project. Being first meant that the cornerstone could establish the success, or failure, of the structure for several reasons. First, the cornerstone established a solid foundation. If the foundations was not solid, the entire structure would fail. For this reason, the cornerstone was always just that – made of stone. Even if the rest of the structure was brick or mud, the cornerstone was made from the strongest material, stone.

Second, as the first stone laid, it had to be perfectly square. All of the other walls would be aligned with the cornerstone. If the cornerstone was not square, the walls would be misaligned, and the overall building would not be square, leading to problems with doors and windows and furnishings. Finally, the cornerstone had to be level. If the cornerstone was not level, the entire structure could be “out-of-level.” As the structure was built up, it could possible collapse, since the problem of being out-of-level is compounded as the building grows taller, making the entire structure unstable.

At id2, it is the desire to see the gospel of Jesus Christ furthered that drives our desire to lay a proper foundation, capable of supporting future work that the Lord has for us. The training curriculum, the business model, and the corresponding corporations all must be built upon this level foundation.

Pray for these foundational components:

1. That the business corporations we establish this year will be the solid enduring foundation needed to allow us to operate freely in spite of the anti-conversion laws that have a growing legal presence in the nations of the Himalayas.
2. That the training curriculum we are establishing this year allows our graduates to align their businesses for success in their local market place. Our graduates represent church leadership. They need successful businesses so that they can support their families, allowing them to stay local and continue in church leadership.
3. That God would raise up sponsors for these businesses in order to keep them level financially as they begin. Too often, the local loan rates for the poor are ridiculously high. This creates an upside-down financial picture before they even start. To date, we have two sponsored businesses. We have six others waiting for sponsorship and twelve additional business profiles / requests that need to be translated and posted on the website with the hope of finding a sponsor. (See www.c4id2.org)
4. For our entire team who will be together in Kathmandu this March. While each of us will be in the region for a week and/or up to months at a time, our time together in-country with our Nepali leadership will have minimal overlap. This is the challenge of bringing together those who live on opposite sides of the world. Please pray that these meetings will result in building upon a common foundations – a foundation where “Christ Jesus himself is the cornerstone, in whom the whole structure, being joined together grows into a holy temple in the Lord.”

Our desire is to say to the people groups of the Himalayan region… “So then you are no longer strangers and aliens, but you are fellow citizens with the saints and members of the household of God.”

We pray that you will join us! Sponsorship and / or a trip to Nepal to meet, encourage and train with our brothers and sisters in building up the Kingdom that will have no end.

If you would like to make a financial contribution, you can do so through the link below. Donations are tax-deductible when given through the Center for International Design and Development (ID2).  Please click here to give – Thank you!

If you prefer to send personal or bank checks, you can mail to:

17200 Chenal Parkway #300-139
Little Rock, AR 72223

With love from the team at www.c4id2.org

Craig & Jennifer in the Himalayas
Glen & Tamra in Little Rock
Nick & Caroline in Conway


id2 Report: December 2017

The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail. Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise-up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings. “

Isaiah 58:11-12

We thought you would like to see our first graduation class from the Basic Business Course! 


blurred out faces

Business Training Program, Class #1

The training program is five full days.  Each day includes:

  1. Kingdom Business:  Examining the call to do business and Casting scripturally-based vision to create kingdom businesses that glorify God by creating profit financially, relationally, environmentally, and spiritually in their communities and churches.
  2. Biblical Business Ethics: specifically applying biblical virtues to our business life.
  3. Business Planning: developing the components of a sound Kingdom business plan.
  4. Business Skills:  learning and practicing the skills needed to succeed.

The graduates are now busy drafting business plans. Working side-by-side with the leader of our Nepali team, Prakash, they will refine their plans.  Qualified candidates will then develop a “profile” to be posted at www.c4id2.org

These profiles will describe the entrepreneur’s vision, personal investment and needed seed funding. These are sponsorship opportunities that we hope you will give prayerful consideration. 
Then what happens?  The seed funds changes lives and the nation as the entrepreneur develops their kingdom business.  The entrepreneur repays their seed monies and gives additional donations to grow a small granary of seeds to help the next entrepreneur plant his or her Kingdom business.
The goal is Kingdom businesses that glorify God, that give opportunity to disciple the nation in and through the marketplace, and that provide for families, congregations, and communities. Kingdom businesses that can share the hope that is in us, despite the changing tides of government because, in Nepal, the tide is changing.

  • In May of 2008 the nation became a “Federal Republic.” A change that ended the 240 year reign of a Hindu kingdom.
  • Then in 2015 a new constitution was established. A constitution that contains 308 articles; one of which is a “non-conversion clause.”
  • Then in August of this year, 2017, the parliament passed a law that makes religious conversion a criminal offense.
  • Currently, the national elections for their parliament is being tabulated and the winners will likely either be the Maoist/Communists seeking to implement a Chinese-leaning market socialist government, or the Secular/Hindu coalition seeking to continue an Indian-leaning pro-Hindu coalition.  The best guess is the Maoists will win but either way, traditional evangelism and witness will be under duress.  Either way, change will likely limit the traditional church.

In response, it is time for the Church to saturate the business markets.  Now is the time for two reasons: one, because a core calling of the Church is challenged —  the mandate to make disciples, and two,  because the business setting in Nepal is in desperate need of creating opportunities for work. Such opportunities have been so lacking that young leaders of all religions have left Nepal for work in other nations, often the Middle-East. Discipleship needs to expand beyond the walls of the church and into the marketplace. 

This is why we are praying that you will join us in growing a training program that will empower Kingdom businesses. We want to partner with you and Nepali believers to launch a training and seed fund program that will empower Kingdom businesses to grow and multiply.   As these kingdom businesses operate, individual lives can be changed and the nation can be discipled.  As the Kingdom Businesses give back to the church, the community and the program, a sustainable cycle will grow.

 A Pastor who has vision for an organic farm with a prayer center/church, receiving his certificate of graduation.

If you feel like this is an opportunity that you would like to invest in financially, either with a one-time gift, or ongoing monthly support, your gift/s will be tax deductible when given through the Center for International Design and Development (ID2).  Please click here to give – Thank you!

Additionally, you may now see our website at https://c4id2org.wordpress.com/ and learn more about the Nepalese businesses that we are kickstarting. A one-time donation will help establish a Kingdom business, and will be loaned out, repaid, and then loaned again as many as three times. Our goal is to sponsor the start-up of as many as 100 businesses, which achieve sustainability for this endeavor.

If you prefer to send personal or bank checks, you can mail to:

17200 Chenal Parkway #300-139
Little Rock, AR 72223

Join us in empowering these graduates so they will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

For the expansion of His Kingdom,

Craig & Jennifer in the Himalayas
Glen & Tamra in Little Rock


id2 Report: September 2017

This is the post excerpt.

Sunrise over the Anapurna Range, Himalayan Mountains, Nepal

This past Spring I had the privilege of returning to Nepal with a team of volutneers.  A long layover in Dubai allowed us to see the tallest building in the world and a few other sites while rubbing shoulders with the amazing international crowd that this unique city draws. But the tall buildings and bright lights have nothing on the tallest mountains in the world, the Himalayas, and what a contrast!

We spent the first few days hiking the back country of the Annapurna Range of the Himalayas. The majesty of the mountains and the quiet life of the people in the villages were a delight! Then we headed to Kathmandu, another great contrast of place. With the peaceful mountain villages behind us, we found ourselves in the throngs of people crowded into the noisy, polluted, Kathmandu Valley. Many of Nepal’s visiting tourists experience this sharp contrast.

Our first full day was spent visiting startup businesses being run by pastors of various churches in and around the Kathmandu Valley. At “His Way Organic Farm,” One volunteer was amazed by the passion for prayer that he felt as we joined church members who work together on the farm. We prayed as a group in what was to become the Pastor’s home. They earnestly prayed for a harvest that could generate the income needed to support their families and their church. They began to ask if we could help them to expand. (see below) Since our visit, we recently learned that the farm was damaged by the monsoon flooding that has devastated Nepal, Bangladesh and North India.

Organic Farm
Organic Farm Project Near Kathmandu

Near this farm, there was a brick kiln that employs local workers. Unlike the pastor’s farm where there was life and purpose, there was no hope in this place.  Another volunteer was deeply moved by the futility of life working in a place where you are paid around one tenth of one cent ($0.001 US) per brick.

A long day’s work is rewarded without measure. Workers dream of escaping these work conditions by moving to places like Dubai where the life and salary of a cab driver seems like paradise compared the futility of life working as a brick maker. Having just been in Dubai where we had opportunity to share with several cab drivers, we know the dream is as futile as their salary would be. Without the potential to successfully manage farms like the one above, church congregations like his could fall into this same futile trap.

Brick Kiln Worker
Worker at a Brick Kiln: Work Without Reward, and a Life Without Hope

At the Center for International Design and Development (id2) www.c4id2.org, we desire to engage pastors, and identified leaders, in the churches of the Himalayas. These leaders need sponsors to come along side and support them in their efforts to build their businesses. Only then can they can consistently support their households and their household of faith.

So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.                                                                                                                                                    Galatians 6:10

At id2, a sponsorship program is underway! We are working with a national church group to identify leaders and the needs of their communities. In addition we will require these church leaders to participate in a training program where we will teach on topics like community health, leadership development / discipleship, and business ethics. The training culminates by them developing a business plan. We fund the start-up cost through sponsorship resources to be managed through a community fund.

We ask that you consider being a sponsor.  Please take time to read through the “Project Profiles” found in the table and descriptions below, and on our web site at www.c4id2.org.  NOW IS THE TIME TO PLANT SEED IN THE CHURCH IN NEPAL SO THAT THEY MAY FLOURISH AND GROW

3 1 There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die, a time to plant and a time to uproot…                                                                Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

Project Chart

Bhaktapur Communication Center: id2 Project #17001N

Investment Request $1500. Click Here to give (please reference #17001N)

Shishir, a young man, was raised in middle-class family. He is from a Hindu background. Shishir finished his Bachelors in Theology, and now he has established one church, which now has 20 believers. He wants to serve in his church but knows he must also establish a business. Shishir is requesting $1,500 to start a communication resource center.

“Pray for me and my church: that God would supply all that we need. My hope is that God would be glorified as we are provided for, and I hope for your partnership.


His Way Organic Farm (featured in newsletter): id2 Project #17002N

Investment Request $3000. Click Here to give (please reference #17002N)

Product of service: A residence of Ratopul Kathmandu, this Pastor carries out his ministry in partnership with the Nepal Pentecostal Church. He has a loving wife, as well as two sons and a daughter. His ministry role is part-time, with his time being split between vegetable farming and church-planting.

The farm produces seasonal vegetable, and will distribute these vegetables throughout Kathmandu city. “Quality Assurance” and “Organic Vegetables” are the main mottos of this operation. “We will not compromise when it comes to the quality of the vegetables.” To ensure quality, this farm always takes care of the vegetables without using insecticides or pesticides. Currently, harmful diseases can be spread through vegetables; however, these vegetables inspected and sent to market only when they are guaranteed to be free from disease causing bacteria.

The cost of agricultural farming in Nepal is not so high, and someone could easily start a business with a small initial investment. Many would-be-farmers are deterred from the profession, due to the risky nature of farming and the fear of crop failure. The primary cost of this particular venture, which includes startup costs, is 7,35,000 Nepali Rupees (~$7,350 US). Start up costs alone, which include water pumps, and irrigation systems, are roughly 3,00,000 Nepali Rupees (~$3,000 US).

In Nepal, the agricultural segment is filled with competitors, yet this project has a great chance to succeed, if they can create a consistent supply.

Organic Farm 2
Another Photo of this Pastor’s Organic Farm

Lul & Immanuel Auto Wash: Id2 Project #17003N

Investment Request is $1500 for an additional pump, generator and water filter.  Click Here to give (please reference #17003N)

Lul had the opportunity to move to Korea for 4 years to live and work. When he returned, he used almost all of his money to purchase some land inside of the Kathmandu valley region. Lul is an active leader in his church, and id2 hopes to sponsor him for $1,500 to better-establish the car wash shop that he has built on his land (picture below).

Car Wash
Kathmandu is Very Dusty! Regular Car Washes are Necessary for Keeping Vehicles Looking and Performing Their Best

Immanuel Beauty Parlor: Id2 Project #17004N

Investment Request is $1,500. Click Here to give (please reference #17004N)

Two sisters have opened a beauty parlor. Both are college students, and are doing ministry among Muslim women in their community, and with those who come into their shop. In order to finance their college studies, they started the shop in the Lalitpur district of Kathmandu. The shop’s name is “Immanuel Beauty Parlour Shop,” and they offer salon services, as well as cosmetic products. Additionally, their brother works as church planter within Muslim segments of society. To expand and sustain this business, the cost will be $1,500.

Nepal Pentecostal Agriculture: Id2 Project #17005N

Investment Request is $3,000 for farming goods and cost of rent. 

Click Here to give (please reference #17005N)

Mr. Bal, the manager of this farm, has taken loans from various sources, and is working hard to sustain his farm. Every Friday Mr. Bal leads prayer, a devotion and a time of encouragement with the employees of the farm. Every day, at least four times, they gather together to pray. Each month the employees trek through the mountains to intentionally pray for Nepal and the churches of Nepal, as well as other international and national pastors and leaders. Mr. Bal seeks a partnership with id2 for $3,000.

Prakash Poultry Farming: Id2 Project #17006N

Investment Request is $3000. Click Here to give (please reference #17006N)


  • To maintain the financial stability of our family.
  • To meet the demand of customers and built strong relationships with them.
  • To generate employment opportunities to the church leaders and youths.
  • To contribute to the economy of the church and country.

Objectives: The main objectives of Prakash Poultry Farms are: reducing poverty of the family,  working among youth and ministering to them, working to develop the church by offering career opportunities and guidance to church  members.

Description of the Firm: This is a partnership business that provides chicken meat and eggs to the city of Kathmandu. Prakash Poultry Farms collects chickens and eggs from different wholesale dealers near Kathmandu City. The chicken is then distributed to restaurants, grocery stores, hotels, community centers, local meat shops, and catering houses. Providing a consistent and sufficient supply to loyal customers is crucial for this business. For this reason, they seek sponsorship for $3,000 to help the business expand and have the ability to employ more people.

Gyapcha  Cattle Farm: Id2 Project #17007N

Investment Request is $1,000. Click Here to give (please reference #17007N)

A pastor of a local Church is doing ministry on behalf of a church in the Maidi region. In order to provide for his family, he raises cattle, as well as goats. For this business to expand, he requests needs the support of $1,000.

Rama MoMo (Nepal Snack) Shop: Id2 Project #17008N

Investment Request is $3000. Click Here to give (please reference #17008N)

A Father and Mother living in Kathmandu had high hopes of earning a large salary overseas, but even after several years of work abroad, the family has still struggled to store up savings. They have a son and daughter to support, and have opened a MoMo shop, which provides their livelihood. This couple is actively involved in Church ministry, and they need sponsors to help them to sustain their small business. For this reason, they are seeking $3,000.

Tamang Farm: Id2 Project #17009N

Investment Request is $1000. Click Here to give (please reference #17009N)

This volunteer-pastor earns his living by raising cattle. Sponsorship of $1,000 will help sustain his business, and allow more involvement with his church as their pastor.

Kathmandu Training: Id2 Project #17010N

Investment Request is $3,000. Click Here to give (please reference #17010N)

This project will involve the training and equipping of these Biblical entrepreneurs mentioned in the above profiles. The investment request is $3,000, which will provide translators, transportation, food, and lodging for participants.

The October 2017 Kathmandu training schedule is as follows:

Program Introduction

Kingdom Minded Business Principles

Developing a Business Plan

Community Fund Access and Expectations



So then, as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith.                                                                                                                Galatians 6:10